Ideology of Eid in the 21st century

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Ideology of Eid in the 21st century

Postby Fazz » 08 Aug 2013, 15:36

With the captivating ambience of freshly made mithai in the air, it is unmistakably that beautiful time of the year again. Eid, a delightful celebration in predominant Muslim households is usually carried out by celebrating tradition and unity of families. But in today’s era, the ideology of Eid is being recreated in a way that is most definitely unacceptable. As with any other holiday, Eid is taken up as an opportunity to do business. Now don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely not discouraging anyone from making an earning for oneself and one’s family but rather what I am trying to get at is that some individuals misuse the idea of Eid to advertise activities or products that are unacceptable in Islam.

Now how about we fast forward to Eid day, we all begin our days with Eid prayers and then move into our own directions depending on our families and respective traditions. Maybe today you decide to do things differently and go to a beach resort or maybe a family dinner. Now knowingly or unknowingly you may have found yourself at a resort or a restaurant that celebrates the prosperity of Eid through live music because ultimately the point of a holiday is to have ‘Fun’. Again, allow me to clarify; Go out, celebrate Eid but do so in a halaal way.

So although going to a beach or eating at a restaurant is a permissible way of celebrating Eid, choosing to go to a place that celebrates Eid through music, gambling or drinking on the other hand is not acceptable. Not only are we indulging in a sin we are in some way giving into the ideology that we are okay with celebrating Eid in a non-Islamic way.

So how does this relate to what I mentioned earlier about advertising you may ask. Well because we ‘may’ give into the dominant ideology that gambling, drinking, music are permissible to be associated with Eid we are in some way allowing advertisers to make use of promoting non-halaal activities and products through using the celebration of eid.

“Mehfil-e- Eid with Raha band”

‘Eid Mubarak at Le Grande Casino, where the fun never ends’

These are just some of the many unacceptable advertisements circulating around. Now others may think that I am out here to stop sales or abrupt businesses no that is not my intention even though I disapprove of drinking and gambling I accept that everybody has their ways of life. Hence my message to the advertisers would be you may continue to advertise but do not make use of a holy occasion such as Eid as a strategy rather use the term holidays instead I am sure your viewers will get the intended message.

Eid celebrates our success of not only fasting but understanding the reason behind why we fast. Celebrate your Eid with your loved ones and families. Go out and have a good time with them just ensure you do it the halaal way. Eid Mubarak.

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