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Postby fsl96 » 18 Sep 2013, 15:10

sorry, i got this question from a site. dint find any satisfying answer even i had a feeling to put this up. this was posted up in 2007 as i was going through the forums on the site http://eaglespearlsofwisdom.wordpress.com is it really true?

When I saw this discussion I knew you would want to see it too, since we are on the subject of the Mahdi. It is completely out of order, I know, but couldn’t resist putting it up. It was taken from a Shiite chat room. At the bottom of the post will be some questions for my Muslim readers.


OK people, not sure about exactly what will happen after Imam Mehdi arrives, but it is said that Imam Mahdi will eventually be a shaheed. Imam Mehdi will be killed by a women with a moustache.
I have been told that Ayatollah Behjat has said that the women has been born few weeks ago. Can anyone confirm this? Ayatollah Behjat has a reputation of seeing the unknown, and has great respect.
Is the time coming near for the arrival?!?

Anyone with info reply to this post.

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