Words of Wisdom from our Prophet

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Words of Wisdom from our Prophet

Postby azra » 25 Mar 2008, 01:28

Words of Wisdom from our Prophet


*The morals of us – the family of the prophecy – are pardoning those who wronged us and giving those who deprived us.

*Allah will forgive the sins of every believer because of suffering from any sort of fatigue, pain, grief or care.

*Worship is of seven parts, the best of which is seeking legal earnings.

*Beauty is in the tongue.

*Retain the knowledge by recording.

*Allah surely loves him who performs His duties munificently.

*Knowledge is kept in stores, the keys of which is questioning. Ask as much as possible, Allah is compassionate towards you. The reward of asking is recorded for four: the asker, the speaker, the listener, and the favorer.

*Allah hates two sounds. the noise of mourning when a misfortune falls, and the sound of a pipe when a blessing falls.

*He who pretends of being poor will be poor.

*He who cheats, injures, or deceives a Muslim is not one of our party.

*Misbehavior is an evil omen.

*A man who does not care for his speech or for what is said to him is surely a devil.

*The obscene, the niggardly, and the vulgar are the remotest from my morals.

*A son’s affectionate look at his parents is a sort of worship.

*The nearest to me on the Day of Resurrection will be the most honest, the most faithful for the trusts, the most well-mannered, and the closest to people.

*The Divine Throne shakes and the Lord becomes irate whenever a sinful (individual) is praised.

*The most complete believer is the most well-mannered.

*Solidity of the eye, hard-heartedness, excessive acquisitiveness, and insistence on committing a sign are signs of unhappiness.

Ref: Tuhaf-Al-Uqoul, The Masterpieces of the Intellects; Maxims of the Prophet(p)

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