Wise Sayings of Imam Jaffer Sadiq

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Wise Sayings of Imam Jaffer Sadiq

Postby azra » 25 Mar 2008, 01:28

Wise Sayings of Imam Jaffer Sadiq

*Knowledge is the comrade of the faithful believer, clemency is his supporter, patience is the commander of his army, lenience is his brother , and charity is his father.

*As for those who control themselves in rage, desire, fear, and lust, Allah will prevent Hell from burning their bodies.

*Personality (Piety) stands for that Allah should not see you in situations against which He warned, and miss you in situations of which He ordered.

*A believer is not perfectly virtuous unless he enjoys three characters: knowledgeability of the religious affairs, moderation in living, and steadfastness against misfortunes.

*The desire for the worldly pleasures causes grief and sadness. Abstinence from the worldly pleasures brings about the rest of both heart and body.

*There’s nothing like thanks in increasing the favorable matters and there is nothing like patience in decreasing the unfavorable matters.

Ref: Tuhaf al Uqoul, The Masterpieces of the Intellects; Maxims of Imam As-Sadiq (a) pp. 426-429

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