11 Sayings from our 11th Imam

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11 Sayings from our 11th Imam

Postby azra » 16 Mar 2008, 01:05



*For those who accept to sit in a place other than the first row of a session, Allah and His angels will bless them until they leave that session.

*Polytheism of people is more hidden than the creeping of ants on a black piece of cloth on a gloomy night.

*“Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” is as near to the Great Name (of Allah) as the iris to the white of the eye.

*To greet everyone you pass by, and to sit in a place other than the first class of a session, are signs of modesty.

*Very much offering of prayers and fasting is not the worship; worship is the very much pondering over the affairs of Allah.

*The worst servants of Allah are those who are two-faced and two tongued; they praise their present friends and backbite the absent; they envy them for obtaining graces and disappoint them whey they suffer a misfortune.

*Anger is the key to every evil.

*The least comfortable of people is the spiteful.

*The faithful believer is a blessing for the believers and a claim against the disbelievers.

*The heart of the foolish is in his mouth and the mouth of the wise is in his heart.

*To show happiness before the grieved is not a sign of good mannerism.

Ref: Tuhaf-Al-Uqoul, The Masterpieces of the Intellects; Maxims of Imam Al-Askari(a), pages 580-585

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